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    January Monthly Meeting: Navigating the EEOC Process (Richard Margulies)

    Date: January 9, 2014, 3:30pm – 5:00pm
    Jackie Knabel, President
    $20.00 for Guests
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    You receive a notice in the mail from the EEOC: "A charge has been filed against you. No action required at this time." What does this mean? How should you respond? What comes next? This program will walk you through the entire process of an EEOC charge, from the first notice through litigation. It will include a discussion on settlement - when and how, pros and cons. You will learn how to manage an EEOC charge within your organization - what to tell your management, your employees, and your IT department. It will also touch on the differences between state and federal EEO agencies. Finally, the program will wrap up with a summary of the EEOC's strategic enforcement goals for 2014, so that you can prepare for what the EEOC is prioritizing in the coming year.