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    Rising Above Mediocrity: The Path to Performance

    Date: August 14, 2014, 3:30pm – 5:00pm
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    About the Program

    In 2002, Gary Lear, former NCF-SHRM President, began a research study to discover what set the best organizations apart from the rest.  In 2006 he introduced the model for the first time to the public at an NCF-SHRM meeting.  Since then the model has gone on to be adopted by several governmental agencies in the US and Canada, including the Center for Naval Leadership; taught in several business schools, including Stetson University; and was the focus of a bestselling book.  Gary returns to NCF-SHRM to share new information about the model that will be in his next book, “Rising Above Mediocrity: The Path to Performance.”  In this session you will learn:

    • Performance differences between Exceptional Organizations and Mediocre Organizations
    • The kind of Culture needed to become Exceptional
    • The New Roles of Management
    • What employee engagement really is, and the 4 things that will get employees engaged.

    About the Speaker

    Bestselling author, researcher, speaker, storyteller, learning facilitator, and expert in the areas of organizational performance, leadership, and employee engagement, Gary Lear combines the teachings from his American Indian heritage with the most modern business research to help organizations achieve results by more effectively Managing the Human Side of Businesssm.  His approach is to help leaders learn how to Create Cultures of Engaged Performance™ by making the connections that unlock the hidden potential of the people they employ.

    With over 25 years of experience working with culture change and leadership development, Gary has worked with thousands of managers across a broad spectrum of industries.  Challenging, yet practical, Gary takes a different approach to help his clients get the results they want because he understands that the best organizations don’t just do things differently; they do different things. 

    Gary is the author of the bestselling book Leadership Lessons from the Medicine Wheel: The Seven Elements of High Performance.  He is also a contributing author to 180 Ways to Walk the Customer Service Talk, and has authored numerous other articles and white papers including The Dynamics of High Performing Organizations, Getting a Seat at the Table: New Perspectives for HR; Training’s Role in Achieving High Performance; and The Cost of Being Good Enough: The Real Impact of Mediocre Employee Engagement on Organizational Performance.