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    May NCF-SHRM Chapter Meeting

    Date: May 14, 2020, 4:00pm – 5:00pm
    Zoom Meeting - Meeting ID: 922 1325 8166, Password: 387821g
    First Time Visitors: Free. Returning Guests and Non-members pay $20 per meeting
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    3:30 p.m. - Networking
    4:00 p.m. - Presentation Begins

    Navigating Unconscious Bias

    Presenter: Dr. Mary Lee Cunhill

    Unconscious Bias is an instinctual aspect of our evolutionary programming designed to keep us safe. However, in our current society, we can miss out on great opportunities and human potential because of what we unconsciously believe about those around us. Join me for this interactive event where we will learn about unconscious bias, where it comes from, and intervention strategies for reducing and interrupting implicit bias.

    Mary Lee Cunill has a PhD in Interpersonal and Health Communication and a master’s in integrated marketing and Management Communication. Her area of focus is the effect of diversity on our one-on-one interactions. She has 20 years of experience in the field of communication and 15 years in teaching, training, and pedagogy. Her education, experience, and passion are in studying human dynamics. Her greatest joy is supporting individuals in understanding themselves, embracing their unique strengths, and maximizing their potential.

    As a Communication Coach and Consultant, she uses evidence-based approaches to identify unhealthy communication patterns, provide tools and support to disrupt counterproductive systems, and empower you to make change. She has studied human dynamics from every angle. Her early work is in Organizational Communication, Management, and Marketing. Her later work is in Interpersonal (one-on-one), Intercultural, and Health Communication. This unique combination allows her to investigate a situation and assess for communication factors that affect an individual’s happiness, especially in terms of how they are affected by environment, culture, and systems. Working from there, she can redesign systems such that they meet the unique needs of the individuals, maximizing their happiness, productivity, and potential, all while maximizing profit for the corporation or joy in the home.

    What does a communication coach do? 
    She empowers you increase the quality of your life through identifying unhealthy patterns of relating to yourself and others, motivating you to unlearn these patterns, and giving you tools to implement healthy communication and create healthy relationships

    How does it work?
    We work together one-on-one, as groups, or as an organization to make your life better through making your communication effective. Think of this as a remodel for your life. You can do your whole house, one room at a time, or you can just peruse the parade of homes and see what is possible.

    In essence, happy people make happy families make happy workers make happy clients. Like magic, but based in 20 years of research and teaching, countless experiences living in various cultures, years of personal self-awareness work, and thousands of people who have vulnerably shared their stories with me. Let's journey together!


    This session has been approved for 1 Business (Strategic) credit from the HR Certification Institute.